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Writers, Directors, and Actors



Writers Guidelines

Directors Guidelines

Actors Guidelines


          There are 7 slots for writers. Registration will be on-line and the first 7 writers to sign up get to play.

           You will need to be available June 9 at 6pm, through June 10 at 6pm to write an original ten minute stage play.

            It is okay to sign up as a team (for example husband and wife). There is no additional registration fee to sign up as a team.

           Registration opens Wednesday, May 3 at 7p. Remember, first come first served.


          Will Act 4 Food is a family friendly event, think PG-13. Adult themes and social commentary are okay, but be careful with violence, sexual situations, language, and drug use. We reserve the right to reject any script we find inappropriate.

          Your play should be no longer than 10 minutes (about 8 pages). There is no requirement for specific formatting, work in a style with which you are comfortable.

          You will be randomly assigned a genre. Genres are:

                    Romantic Comedy


                    Character Comedy



                    Psychological Drama

                    Murder Mystery

          You will be assigned a line of dialogue to work into the script. All writers will receive the same line.

          You will be assigned a character (name and occupation) to work into the script. All writers will receive the same character.

          You will also be given the number of characters you need to include in your play, based on the number of actors who sign up to participate. The maximum number would be 6.

          You will be given 24 hours to write your script.

          June 9, Friday evening at 6pm you will receive your official email with your genre, line, and character. Your are to email your finished script back to us by 6pm Satuday evening, June 10. If your script is not turned in on time it may be disqualified and not used in the WA4F show.

          You will receive 2 free tickets to the Will Act 4 Food performance June 17, 7pm at Boise Little Theater. A writing 'team' will receive 2 tickets, not 4.

          There will be an award given for Best Script.



          There are 7 slots for Directors. Registration will be on-line and the first 7 Directors who sign up get to direct.

           You are required to have an Assistant Director. Their main jobs will be to interact with WA4F during the day so we don't have to interrupt your rehearsals and to stage manage your show during the performance, as well as serve your needs during the event. There is no additional registration fee required to add the AD to your production.

          On Friday evening, June 16 at 6pm you will receive an email with your script in PDF format. Printed scripts will be available for you and your actors Saturday morning at the Official Start Meeting.

          The script will be assigned to you randomly and could be any genre. 

          You will also receive a physical prop Saturday morning that you must incorporate into your show. The prop will not be mentioned in your written script, it is up to you to figure out how to incorporate it into your production. There will be an award for Best Use of Prop.

           You are responsible for any costumes or additional props you might want in your show. It is okay to recruit help and plan options before you receive your script on Friday, but do be aware that space is limited at the theater and costumers and prop masters are not allowed backstage during the show. They are allowed at rehearsals. Your team backstage is limited to yourself, your AD, and your actors. 

          Saturday morning, June 17 at 7:30am everyone will gather at the Official Start Meeting. You will be assigned your actors randomly at that meeting, as well as being assigned your prop. You will then break into separate rooms to rehearse.

          Rehearsal is 7:30a -6:30p.

          You are required to provide your actors breaks and time for lunch and dinner. Note that WA4F is not providing food. You should plan your own meal options.

          In the afternoon you will be given a time to go to Boise Little Theater with your actors and run a quick technical rehearsal on the stage.

          Call-time is 6:30p. You are to have your actors at the theater getting into costume and make-up. 

           Showtime is 7p. The order of the shows will be determined by WA4F.

          Award will be given for Best Director, Best Use of Prop, Judge's Choice Best Show and Audience Choice Best Show as well as other awards



          Actors need to be available Saturday, June 17 from 7:30am to 11pm for rehearsal, performance, and strike.

          There are only 30 openings for actors. Minimum age is 16. Experience is not needed.
          At the Official Start Meeting on Saturday morning (June 17, 7:30
am) you will be randomly assigned to a show and director. The director will cast you in a role. Each show will be assigned a rehearsal room and will spend the day in rehearsals.

          It is expected that each show will take breaks for lunch and dinner. Note that WA4F is not providing food. You should plan your own meal options.  There will be space provided in the building for taking breaks, eating lunch, and visiting with fellow participants.
          Mid-afternoon your show will move to Boise Little Theater for tech rehearsal and after tech you will remain at BLT.   

          Call time is 6:30p. Be at the theater getting into make-up and costumes. 
         The Show starts at 7p. The order of shows will be decided by WA4F. 
          After the performances there will be an awards ceremony. There will be award for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

          And after the show please stay for Strike as we clean the theater and put away our toys.


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